Crew Bottle Co. – “It’s To Go Time”

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“Help Your Local Bar Fight Back” 

While we all struggle to adjust to a new reality filled with uncertainty, there’s no denying that the future of the bar and restaurant industry is in serious jeopardy. Our favorite spots — the places we congregate, celebrate and unwind — have been forced to close their doors to the public; many are unsure if they will ever reopen. 

But some locations are fighting back. Many states are permitting “to go” programs to help bars and restaurants survive. Unwilling to surrender, gritty owners and operators are incorporating “carryout cocktails” to satisfy customers stuck at home and to help keep their businesses afloat. 

Veterans in Residence company Crew Bottle Co. is stepping up to support the industry by donating inventory to craft programs in need. Establishments like the Coconut Club in D.C. and the June Wine Bar in N.Y. are finding success using Crew’s flagship products – Crew Bottles – as “cocktail growlers” to incorporate alcohol offerings into their takeout strategies (and move through dead inventory). Crew’s products, designed to help programs run more sanitary and sustainable programs, make perfect to-go vessels for wine-on-draft, cocktails and pre-batched drinks. 

How can you help? 

Connect this Bunker Labs company with the bars that need help the most … 

  • Share this email with friends in the industry 
  • Send a suggestion to support@crewbottleco.com 
  • Follow with @crewbottleco on Instagram for program updates 
  • Tag a bar or restaurant’s account with @crewbottleco 
  • Support local bars and restaurants offering carryout options