Military Spouse

Honey Bueno – Tracking Transactions

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In 1997, inflatable “Bounce Houses” were just beginning to find their way into children’s birthday parties across the country. Honey Bueno, a military spouse and college student was musing over a class assignment when she came across a colorful opportunity that seemed to be the answer to her prayers.

The assignment? Create your own business from scratch.

The answer to her prayers? A red, white and blue inflatable castle that would prove to be her first jump into entrepreneurship.

“I had to buy another car because the darn thing wouldn’t fit in my vehicle,” she laughs, now. The bounce house returned her investment in just three months and it continued to pay dividends until she sold it several years later.

At yet another duty station she turned her attention to craft shows, purchasing wood-making tools, and selling her handiwork at fairs and festivals. This trend continued as every move to another duty station provided new opportunities and frustrations. “I felt like I was always starting over,” Honey shares, “and every fresh start meant tackling a new job, often beginning at minimum wage.”

It wasn’t until 2011 when a chance assignment from a temp agency reintroduced
her to an old flame—accounting. “I’ve always loved finding problems,” she says, uncomfortable with the word ‘problem’ even as you sense a childlike glee in her statement. Honey began an assignment as a bookkeeper at an insurance agency, where she quickly identified a practice that was costing her client tens of thousands of dollars a year. A job offer soon followed and she’d found her niche.

In July of 2016, Tracking Transactions, LLC was born.

“My mission is to help insurance agencies with their bookkeeping. When meeting a prospective client, my primary question is, ‘what problem can I help them solve?’”

Honey’s goals are two-fold, she explains. “I want to continue to grow my business but…” she hesitates, contemplating her words carefully before continuing–the growing passion in her voice, obvious. “I want to do more. I want to encourage companies to hire military spouses and dependents, and my company would provide the necessary training and certifications.” This could allow military spouses to continue their careers instead of starting over with every move.

Like the initial red, white and blue castle, Tracking Transactions, LLC is already paying dividends. It allowed her to care for her husband through a serious illness and still serve her growing client base.

Honey Bueno and her husband of 25 years, Santiago G. Bueno, III, faithfully served the U.S. Army for 21 years before retiring in 2014. They have two children and two dogs. Reach Honey Bueno at