Bunker Labs Rapid City

Comcast News Center: We’re on a Mission to Provide Resources For Military Families Looking to Build their Own Business

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RAPID CITY, S.D. – Non-profit Bunker Labs opened a chapter in Rapid City, Tuesday, and their mission is noble, just like their clients.

“It’s a way to get everyone together who is like-minded,” says community leader for Bunker Labs, Mitch Nachtigall. “You know, trying to hustle, trying to start a business, trying to run a business and also the resources needed to run that business.”

The 501-c(3) works with business owners to find them the resources and connections to better their business.

Bunker Labs is designed towards military members and military spouses but is open to all.

“It’s about military-connected communities,” said Mitch. “That really broadens it to just about everybody. A family member that’s in the military, a friend that’s in the military, your spouse, if you’re a veteran yourself . It’s very important to us include everyone and make sure it’s open to everyone.”

Mitch works with Ascent Innovation who played a role in bringing Bunker Labs to the Black Hills. He says that it will have a great impact on the community. Read the full article here.