Bunker Labs Announces Second Round of #BunkerBattle Pitch Competition

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We will be hosting the second round of Bunker Battle May 11th at Social Tables. Come join us as we witness 10 amazing startups pitch to compete for $25,000. Two startups will be selected to compete against the winners from round one, Reki Travel and Dark Cubed. Take a look at the tough competition below:

Wheelz On Time has developed a rent-to-own program with the retail customer in mind. Their rent-to-own program makes it easy and affordable to finance new tires. Founded by Army Veteran, Sandra Edwards, Wheelz On Time was a Chicago Innovation Awards nominee in 2015.

ValueCrates was founded by a 2-tour combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan (with Combat Action Badge) and a former speechwriter to Army generals. ValueCrates is DC’s most affordable plastic moving boxes for rent and plans to scale nationwide soon.

Up Top Acres establishes agriculture as a fixture of urban life by farming on underutilized rooftops, distributing food locally, and providing an educational venue for kids and adults alike. Up Top Acres founders are fellows at the Halcyon House.

Vumble, led by University of Maryland grads, is on a mission to display the best videos every day, voted by you. Vumble is currently a member of the S16 class at Bunker Labs DC.

As a military spouse constantly on the go, establishing new territories and experimenting with new identities, Ximena decided to found Ximena Rozo Design, a studio focused on the design of furniture and furnishings that move with the changes in your life.  Ximena Rozo Design™ moves away from traditional, uninspired, mass-produced home décor, offering beautiful, unexpected, contemporary, smart and lasting design solutions that help you provide a sense of home. Because, no matter where you go, you will always need to feel at home.

Cyber Timez, an award winning business, focuses on automating the Internet of Things using wearable devices like smart watches. Current product offerings include field accessible mobile applications to real-time management dashboards.

WeTrain democratizes personal training for the masses. With their service you can request a personal trainer to come to your house for under $30. WeTrain is a member of Bunker Labs Philly.

HillVets empowers veterans to begin and advance in SecondService careers via networking, employment, and educational opportunities. Their mission is to transform the power and presence of veterans in government, policy, and politics.

Cofounded by a veteran, Kaizen Health strives to constantly improve access to healthcare through dependable non-emergency medical transportation. Kaizen Health is dedicated to developing the technology and process to improve the healthcare experience and provide opportunities for Veterans.

To add to the suspense, the tenth slot will be a wild card entry from the USPS Pitch Competition taking place Thursday, May 5th.

Stay tuned for an announcement on who will be judging this round. We look forward to seeing you May 11th @ 6pm. There will be free booze and food provided by &Pizza. To register, please visit Bunker Labs.

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