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Narrative Series: Plated

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Leaving a sales position on Wall Street for the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship isn’t something you would expect from most people, but for Nick Taranto it was an obvious decision. Feeling uninspired in his sales role, Nick partnered with Josh Hix, a friend from Harvard Business School, to brainstorm market opportunities and business ideas. After months of bouncing concepts back and forth, the duo landed on an idea that would later come to be known as the meal kit service, Plated. 

In the beginning, Nick struggled to find investors and at one point, he was hand delivering ingredients to customers himself. It wasn’t until a chance coffee meeting that he made the connection that led to Plated’s first investors. Several years later and Plated was bought by Albertson’s for $300 million.

Nick started his business journey at Dartmouth before moving on to Harvard Business School and eventually, the Marine Corps. His military background was a key point in connecting with his first investors and eventually, in connecting with Bunker Labs. Nick began to support Bunker Labs events as a speaker and moved on to provide coaching and expert advice to the entrepreneurs in the BL community. Eventually, he joined the Bunker Labs national board of directors in 2017.

Learn more about Nick and Plated in the video above.