Company Spotlight

Narrative Series: Banded Recovery

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Banded Recovery provides recovery support services for individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic opioid use and desire a confidential, trusted, safe alternative detox program that respects each individual’s unique circumstances.

“We are a passionate group of healthcare leaders who believe in service before self.  We want to help your organization to reduce opioid cessation relapse rates through providing expertly trained coaches and support teams who are in constant communications with each individual throughout their entire journey to good health.  But, we don’t think that alone is enough. We provide a comprehensive program, to include mobile application guided steps, integrations with biometric wearable indicators, and naloxone medication support education.  Our program is backed by medical experts and designed by certified nurse case managers. We have researched the challenges and struggles with addiction, mental health, and wellness and have centered  our outcomes-based solutions on that research. “

Thank you to Melissa Petak (Founding Director) and Andrew Petak (Revenue Director) and their wonderful children who gave us their time and hospitality to make this piece happen.

Director/Cinematography: Kai Allen Blakley
Producer: William Crane / Nate Carden
Editor: Kai Allen Blakley

Banded Recovery: