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Jim Raschella – Off Duty Blue

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Off Duty Blue helps public safety organizations save time, improve accountability, and reduce officer fatigue by streamlining the way they manage and analyze overtime and off-duty security details.

The creation of Off Duty Blue began when co-founders, Jim Raschella and Mark Grady, saw a news item about local Sheriff’s Deputies who were charged with falsifying timesheets for while working a security detail at a local bus company. Apparently, the officers thought they were supposed to be providing the security in one place, while the bus company thought they should be in another, but without a formal system to keep track of security detail requests, a simple misunderstanding resulted in the deputies’ being charged with a crime. 

Jim and Mark started searching for a better way. In that search they realized just how archaic public safety software systems were and made it their mission to redesign public safety scheduling software from the ground up, starting with off-duty detail scheduling. 

Bunker Labs Connection

“We have been involved with Bunker Labs since 2017 and the education that we have received as well as the network we’ve become a part of has had a tremendously profound effect on our company.”  Raschella and his two co-founders have raised $65,000 since joining Bunker Labs crediting the community for their success. “Being able to tap into the network, and to practice pitching and getting honest feedback helped us tremendously,” Raschella said.

Pitch Event (link to DC Muster pics)

Bunker Labs has partnered with the Ford Fund to host pitch competitions for veterans and military spouse entrepreneurs throughout the 2019 Muster Across America Tour. In each of the seven tour locations, Ford will grant two awards in the amount of $5,000 and $3,500 through a “pressure-test” type of pitch competition, awarded from local community experts and subject matter experts as judges, to provide this much needed capital to create growth and sustainability for the companies. Off Duty Blue won the top prize at the Ford Fund Pitch Competition as part of the Washington, D.C. Muster on February 19, 2019.

Intended use of prize as stated in 2018

“We will be using these funds primarily for digital marketing to help educate our target market and convert them into qualified leads. This grant money will have an incredibly positive impact on our companies digital footprint. Both via the recognition we have already received due to winning, as well as marketing efforts that the funds will primarily be used for.”

Ford Fund Recognition

“This grant money couldn’t have come at a better time for our company.  From all of us here at Off Duty Blue, Thank you, Ford Fund!”