Bunker Labs Philadelphia

Selling your home? Support veterans at the same time, thanks to Houwzer

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Meet Mike Maher: U.S. Navy veteran, Co-founder/CEO of Houwzer, and founding Executive Director of the Bunker Labs Philadelphia chapter. Mike played soccer at the Naval Academy and then went on to become a Surface Warfare Officer, driving Naval ships for about four years. After returning to the Philadelphia area as a Navy recruiter, he obtained his MBA in Real Estate from Villanova University and launched his first business, Sight2Site Media.

“I had seen what was happening in the veteran entrepreneurship space throughout the country, and I was thinking about starting my own veteran incubator when I came across Bunker Labs out of Chicago,” said Maher.

Mike Maher founded the Philadelphia chapter of Bunker Labs in the summer of 2015. Since then, he has served as Chairman of the Board, and now sits as a member of our current 2018 Board.


“As an entrepreneur, I fell in love really early on with wanting to solve big problems.

— Mike Maher

Shortly after founding Bunker Labs PHL, Mike launched his online real estate service, Houwzer as part of our 2016 Launch Lab Cohort. Houwzer is a modern real estate agency service that is at the cutting-edge of modern real estate, saving customers time and money by combining the best pricing model with the service of traditional flat-fee real estate services.

“As an entrepreneur, I fell in love really early on with wanting to solve big problems: in big markets, in regulated markets, you name it. My Co-founder Kevin Baird and I saw a market opportunity in the housing market, and we went for it.”

Since then, Houwzer has expanded to service hundreds of clients in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and DC Metro areas, and has been covered by The Washington Post and Philadelphia Business Journal.

Recently, Houwzer has partnered with Bunker Labs Philadelphia to help give back to the veteran community. Thinking about listing your house? If you sign a listing contract or an agreement to work with one of the Houwzer agents, Houwzer will donate $500 to support the veteran entrepreneurs in Philadelphia through Bunker Labs.

“Fundraising for any non-profit can be difficult, and this is a great way to give back to non-profits that are partnering with veteran entrepreneurs and support a community that I care deeply about,” mentioned Mike.

To learn more about the campaign, go to houwzer.com/heroes.