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Scott Hardesty is Creating Delicious and Effective Sports Nutrition

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As a retired Army Ranger who served 26 years in the US Army, Scott Hardesty understands that staying in shape allows him to keep his disabilities at bay. He successfully lost weight and gained muscle in just ten months through hard work and dedication. He was inspired to found Ranger Nutrition as a way to provide people with the tools they need to get – and stay – in shape, using products made in the USA.

Bunker Labs’ Stories | Scott Hardesty of Ranger Nutrition

Scott has always been an entrepreneur. He ran several businesses during his military career. Once retired, he focused on creating products that he wanted to use. Tired of taking products from other companies that he did not like or feel were effective, he decided to create his line of products.

Once he got started the business grew fast. Scott developed the products based on customer feedback and demand, but he says he was just winging it. When he was winging it, he never knew profit margins and had no guidance or direction. Most of his effort was spent in reaction to the demand of his early and enthusiastic client base. He didn’t have the right processes and plans in place to grow correctly and efficiently.

As Scott says, you can only wing it so far without a plan, once the business stalled he realized he needed a plan and needed to reach out to people who could help. He looked at the larger companies in the market and decided it was time to learn how they got there.

“I’m prior military. If you give me task, condition, standard, I’ll meet it. When you’re winging it on your own, there is no task, condition, and standard. You don’t have a plan to get you to the next part. And if you do, it’s whatever YOU think is gonna get you there without any outside help.”

It was at this point when he moved from Indiana up to Chicago and discovered Bunker Labs’ EPIC program. The program gave him access to the business experts and resources he needed to start making a proactive plan for Ranger Nutrition.

Once he began to look at what he had created through this more informed lens, he discovered that of the 12 products Ranger Nutrition sold 5 of those products accounted for less than 1% of all sales, so Scott discontinued those five products.

“Once you get to the decision not to wing it you don’t want to wing anything anymore.”