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Narrative Series – Mike Sehzue – Miseh Distilling

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Visiting Liberia in 2010, Mike Sehzue got to see firsthand the struggle that people of his father’s home country were going through as a result of 14 years of civil war. Challenges were many and the growing pain ran deep. The country was hard at work to rebuild infrastructure, power, and clean systems.

Mike wondered, what would be the best way to help his people and make their lives better. The answer was to help spur the country’s economy. He foresaw a promising opportunity with his family’s sugarcane plantation and 100+ years of beverage production that could be the foundation of a global enterprise to produce and export beverages made from the natural resources rich in West Africa. That is how the idea of Miseh Distilling, a medium-scale distillery that is located in the growing agricultural center of Nimba County, Liberia, evolved.

The for-profit business idea not only would create a financial and environmental impact, but it would also provide social support by encouraging people to grow and prosper. Sangar Rum will be the first exported rum of Liberia.

About Mike Sehzue: After six years in the Army, Mike Sehzue worked 5 years in project management for ExxonMobil followed by 3 years in management consulting with Deloitte. He currently supports EPMA Inc while building Miseh Distilling. Mike is working to expand rum sales from Liberia to the U.S. and EU. Mike is currently an active Bunker Labs Houston city leader.