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EDUCATE: Sylvester Mobley from Coded by Kids

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“When you’re a veteran, you need a support system and a community. Bunker Labs is that community and that support system.

— Sylvester Mobley, Coded by Kids


For military veteran Sylvester Mobley, giving back is the filter with which he approaches all his work in the local Philly business community. Through his connection with Bunker Labs, he’s come across opportunities he never thought possible, and interacted with veterans with similar stories and aspirations and that have quite often evolved into tangible, successfully executed business opportunities.

Sylvester is a Marine Corps, Air Force and National Guard veteran. His 12 years of service were not just his doorway into the tech world, but also became the driver behind his innate interest in entrepreneurial business. Today, his startup company, Coded by Kids, is thriving as it provides more and more opportunities for inner-city kids to learn tech, and immerse themselves in STEM-related opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily be made available to them through their typical curriculum.

Sylvester is also a graduate of Bunker Labs PHL’s first cohort, and a firm believer in our overall mission. Through the Inspire, Educate and Connect process, Sylvester realized that being able to say “thank you” for your service can turn into a much bigger opportunity to pay it forward. And at the same time, he learned to lean on the shared mindset of his fellow vets, and their common values, so they could all feel at ease in the midst of diversity. Sylvester thrived in the Bunker Labs community, as the unique support system made it work for him. And he continues to work with us.