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Bunker Narratives: Cowboy Cricket Farm

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Compared to beef, crickets use 2,060x less water, require 14x less feed, produce 80x less methane, and utilize less than 1% of the comparable land mass. On top of that, they have the same amount of protein, twice the iron, and Cowboy Cricket Farms Super Crickets (TM) are a remarkable source of omega 3 as well.

Dedicated to researching new and sustainable insect farming practices to feed the world, Cowboy Cricket Farms has worked with the USDA, Montana Dept. of Ag, and several universities to develop the best processes for growing crickets commercially. Their current research focuses on creating new feeds and methods to increase the size and nutrition of our crickets, naturally.

Cowboy Cricket Farms is that largest edible insect farming operation in the USA. Through their Network of Partner Farmers, they raise and process high-quality food-grade crickets in Belgrade, Montana.

Thank you to all Kathy (CEO) and James (COO) and their employees who donated their time and work to make this piece happen.

Director/Cinematography: Kai Allen Blakley
Editor: Stephen V. Nelson / Kai Allen Blakley
Producer: William Crane / Nate Carden