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Education In the Real World: Hussian College

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We sat down with Dr. Jeremiah Staropoli, Drexel University alumni and President of Hussian College in Spring Garden. Jeremiah joined Hussian College in 2017 to bring his expertise in the field of higher education to the school.

In 1947, veteran John Hussian was inspired by the post-WWII innovations in creativity and business, so he founded a school to benefit members of the military. The Hussian School of Art began in Philadelphia as a place for veterans to pursue higher education in the arts, and in recent years has welcomed studies in the field of technology.

“As the world has shifted, there’s a great place for freelance work within computer science and technology,” explained Dr. Staropoli. “This area is very entrepreneurial; it’s anticipated to grow by 27% in the next 10 years.”

The Hussian School of Art has been an accredited institution since 1979.  It officially became “Hussian College” after receiving approvals from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) in 2015.

According to recent statistics, 75% of veterans return from the military and complete a degree at a traditional 2 or 4-year university. Hussian College’s mission is to immerse veterans in the professional world and equip them with the tools necessary to pursue their career.

“Being an accredited school gives us the validation to provide this for veterans,” remarked Jeremiah.

This mission to connect veterans with relevant education and professional networks sparked the partnership between Bunker Labs and Hussian College.

“Bunker Labs stood out to us because of their specific, measurable, deliverable mission and the educational components of many of their programs like Bunker Brews, Launch Lab X, and The Muster.”

Hussian College students are not only connected to the entrepreneurs and business leaders within the Bunker Labs community, but also shown how their skills as veterans translate into the working world.

“Lots of companies announce goals of hiring some number of veterans, but few actually continue developing those veterans within the workplace. Corporate America is a very different environment from the military and educating veterans on how their training can translate into strength in the professional world is what we’re trying to accomplish with this partnership,” said Staropoli.

Jeremiah also explained how the fields of coding and cybersecurity are perfect fields for veterans, given their military training.


“Coding is project work: you have to be driven and have problem-solving skills and the mission-oriented mindset that comes from the military.”

— Dr. Jeremiah Staropoli


“Coding is project work: you have to be driven and have problem-solving skills and the mission-oriented mindset that comes from the military,” remarked Dr. Staropoli. “With relation to cybersecurity, many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on obtaining security clearances for cybersecurity employees–veterans often already have this.”

Hussian College currently has over 400 students across all disciplines – a 400% increase from 2016 enrollment. Hussian has achieved their accreditor’s required employment benchmark every year.

“We kept it small to preserve a more niche community as we were developing our new programs.”

With the upcoming launch of the Cybersecurity program, Hussian plans to open 5 additional branch campuses in addition to their Spring Garden and Los Angeles locations.

“We believe in our curriculum,” remarked Jeremiah. “Art schools are under fire right now, and we’re taking that challenge head-on. Our partnership with Bunker Labs has really helped us bridge the gap between being an art school & entering the tech community, and we hope this year’s Muster will reflect that.”

To learn more about Hussian College and their programs, click here.