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Jason Cavness: Transforming how HR is Delivered to Small Businesses

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After multiple tours with the US Army, Jason Caveness came home to a slower life than he expected. He wanted to be a part of something more so he got involved with the tech and startup scene here in Seattle. After working in the college recruiting space here in Seattle for a few years, Jason noticed that small businesses desperately needed help with recruiting but often couldn’t afford to work with a big recruiting firm.

That’s when we decided to branched out on his own to start cavnesHR, a tech recruiting firm that gives quality HR services to businesses no bigger than 49 employees. Using technology to empower small businesses to get the right candidate for the right price.

Jason spends what little free time her serving as the Seattle City Leader for Bunker Labs – a national non profit that helps Veterans and Military Spouses start businesses.He also is the host of the cavnessHR podcast where he talks to small business owners, founders and people in tech, startups and HR. 

Jason’s goal is to serve his clients with value and integrity. Sit back and enjoy an honest conversation with a Seattle tech/service business owner.

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