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Former City Leader Michael Pleasant and his cyber security company: Open Security

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Michael Pleasant is a great example of a veteran who has almost facsimiled his military career into his entrepreneurial career. Originally working in intelligence for the Marine Corps, Pleasant is now the Chief Executive Officer of cybersecurity company Open Security. The company specializes in providing cyber protection for businesses both large and small and employs a number of other military-cyber experts. Pleasant explains that he is happy to “use the company as a means for creating jobs for fellow military cyber veterans to do what they were most passionate about and serving the greater business cyber community.”

Pleasant’s expertise was sharpened as an intelligence analyst during two tours of Operation Enduring Freedom. He explains that he made the decision to join the Marine Corps after the events September 11th drove him to action. After leaving the military, he moved to San Antonio and launched Open Security in 2016 with several other intelligence veterans. He simultaneously attended Harvard Business School and successfully grew the company from two people to fifteen and has doubled revenue year upon year. This journey was also the one that led him to Bunker Labs.

“Upon starting Open Security, Inc., I reached out to my own personal network to ask for advice and knowledge. That led me to connecting with Bunker Labs Austin, attending events, and asking about the potential for a chapter in San Antonio. That led me to leading the founding of the San Antonio chapter and serving for a time as city leader.”

If you would like to learn more about Open Security, click here.