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Bunker Labs Narratives: Shaydi DeJesus

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The Bunker Labs team recently took a trip to Austin with peaked interested in learning more about our city leader: Shaydi DeJesus. Shaydi hails from a family of veterans and is an Army veteran spouse.

She obtained her Masters in Technology Commercialization from the McCombs School of Business. She works in investment, start-ups, and real estate. Shaydi is a co-founder of an early stage biotech start-up called Sancura Biotechnologies.

Sancura Biotechnologies delivers a comprehensive solution to smoking cessation by targeting the physical and mental challenges of quitting.

Less than 10%. Those are the odds of a smoker successfully quitting. There are 38 million smokers in the US, roughly the population of California. Strong cravings, headaches, and dizziness are only some of the withdrawal symptoms that smokers experience while trying to quit, making it very difficult to kick the habit. In addition, 40% of smokers suffer from a mental illness, an enormous contributor to a smoking addiction. Pills, patches, and chewing gum do not address all of the factors that drive a person to smoke.

Sancura Biotech offers a two-pronged treatment strategy that targets mental risk factors and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They achieve this by coupling a digital mental health intervention with an effective, non-addictive nasal spray. This powerful combination increases the chances for successful, long-term results.