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Food for Impact

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Joseph Zoleta, owner of Black 6 Coffee Trading Co. , and Eric Wong, owner of Tac N Roll, might have closed their brick and mortar after weeks of opening their collaboration together, but they have been busy on the front lines serving New York’s first responders. 

As COVID-19 struck NY by force, Zoleta and Wong immediately dashed to the front lines and partnered with Bunker Labs community members, Milk Money Kitchens, by bringing healthy, delicious, and fulfilling meals to the frontline. By using their network of restaurants, healthcare providers, and first responders, they are making sure that the NY frontline is nourished and energized as they battle against COVID-19 and have served over 2,000 front line workers. 
They not only serve coffee curbside in front of NY City police precinct, fire stations, and hospitals, but they also were able to transport protoype negative pressure hoods, in partnership with NYU Langone Health, which is designed to decrease aerosolized pathogens by filtering the air surrounding an infected patient. Prototypes were dropped off in different hospitals in New York and Black 6 lent their vans to transport them safely.

But the #All_In mentality doesn’t stop there. Joseph Zoleta has returned to the front line working over 60 hours a week as a medic in Brooklyn and in Long Island and Black 6 Coffee Trading Co., Tac N Roll, and Milk Money Kitchens have started, Food for Impact Campaign, a new campaign targeting fueling our front line workers. They are accepting donations for you to sponsor a meal for a brave frontline worker.  For every $10 donation, they will provide delivery to one healthcare worker or first responder working on the frontlines. They pledge to use 100% of the donation towards fresh ingredients, labor, and delivery. These will be delivered to different hospitals, EMS stations, police precincts, and fire stations.

Every dollar counts, so to donate please follow this link “Food For Impact”
They are also looking for sponsors to be part of the Food For Impact program, so for more information, visit their Food for Impact website.