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Tokelau MCT Coffee Brews Up a Simple Way to Improve Health

Unlike traditional coffee products on the market, Tokelau MCT Coffee has invented a way to combine the coffee ritual that is loved by many with a healthy energy source that doesn’t have the normal side effects of the jitters or a coffee crash. The secret ingredient to their clean energy source is a unique healthy fat called Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs. These special fats keep Tokelau coffee drinkers full and focused. 

Tokelau MCT Coffee’s newest project has been launching the Freedom Blend pods. These K-cups are especially game-changing for the keto community, as they offer a dairy-free alternative with collagen protein. Because many in the keto community are allergic to dairy or dairy-sensitive, the community has quickly realized how these Freedom Blend pods fill a gap in dairy-free keto products. Keto influencers across the country have been raving about the product and its superior benefits, and this launch has held even greater success than previous product launches. 

Where it All Began

After losing his father to adult-onset diabetes, Tokelau MCT Coffee founder, Jon Stojan, knew that something needed to change in his lifestyle so that he wouldn’t follow his father down the path of diabetes. After trying several different workout routines and diets, Jon found the keto lifestyle, a way of eating that is centered around healthy fats like MCTs. He hasn’t looked back on his switch to keto, as over the last 3 years he’s been able to maintain his 40lb weight loss and effectively prevent adult-onset diabetes. 

Like many in the keto community, he discovered the method of combining MCTs with coffee to stay full and focused until lunch. This process included measuring out all the ingredients, revving up the blender, and washing a sink full of dirty dishes… just to make a cup of coffee. As a busy guy juggling healthy eating, exercising, work, family, and friends, Jon didn’t have time to go through the hassle of making this time-intensive drink. After 14 years of service in the Air Force, Jon used his leadership and problem-solving skills to develop a better keto coffee than what he and the rest of the keto community previously had. 

In 2017, he put together a team of food scientists, taste testers, and packaging designers to create and formulate the revolutionary simplified keto coffee. For the first production run, they quickly raised nearly $11,000 on Kickstarter. The business continued to grow, and last year Jon worked nights and weekends to get the word out about this radical new coffee.

The Bunker Labs Connection

Being a full-time entrepreneur has been one of Jon’s life long goals, but he recognized he would need guidance to make the transition to running Tokelau MCT Coffee full-time. After attending his first Bunker Brews session, he knew the veteran entrepreneurs in the Bunker Labs community would provide the resources and mentoring he needed to be successful.  

Earlier this year, Tokelau MCT Coffee was accepted into WeWork Veterans-in-Residence program powered by Bunker Labs. Jon’s experience in the program has supplied him with all the necessary tools to make his business a success–everything from securing a business loan, to obtaining a marketing intern for the summer, to launching the new line of Freedom Blend pods. 

Launches like this are a sign of the success that is to come for Tokelau MCT Coffee. Jon’s team is growing along with his online community, affectionately called the, “Tokelau Tribe.” Amidst the challenges and excitement, as he navigates being an entrepreneur, Jon is confident he has a strong group of veteran entrepreneurs to lean on, thanks to Bunker Labs. 

Check out their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokelaucoffee/