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Bunker Brews Founder Spotlight: Raymond Lott of Ninja Punch Music

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Raymond Lott – Ninja Punch Music

Why do you attend Bunker Brews?
I attend bunker brews to network, inspire, motivate, and showcase my fellow music artists and military entrepreneurs.

Have any of the events sparked an idea that you’ve since pursued?
Since Bunker Brews I’ve invited artists to the workspace for tours, connected artists with valuable resources and hosted my own meetup event in the WeWork space for my music artists. They all loved the collaborative atmosphere and are excited to do more networking meetups in the future.

How many Bunker Brews (or other Bunker Labs networking events) have you attended?
I’ve attended every Bunker Brews except one. I have also attended WeWork’s creator awards mixer to connect Bunker Labs veterans with WeWork professionals.

 ninja punch squad

How would you describe your business and the stage it’s at?
I describe my business as growing. We are at a point where all of my artists are making money independently through tools they have acquired. Now we are aiming to generate more revenue as a group with collaborate album releases, events and merchandise sales.

Our vision is to tell the best military and life stories through music from military veterans to the world; so people can discover new music to share with the world.

Ninja Punch Logo redName of company: Ninja Punch Music
Size of company: 6
Company industry: Entertainment
Company headquarters: Century City, Calif.
Military experience: I served for 10 years in the United States Marine Corps as a combat correspondent. I deployed with infantry battalions on two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.