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Bunker Brews Founder Spotlight: Alicia Hanf of Saylo Classroom

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Alicia Hanf  – Saylo Classroom

Why do you attend Bunker Brews?
When I go to Bunker Brews and see my tribe, I get this feeling like I am reuniting with my best friends from college, for lack of better words. We haven’t known each other long, but I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.

It is so great to be in the same place, catch up and just marvel over how amazing these people are and how much they’ve accomplished in such little time. From a networking perspective, I am so proud to share this great feeling with other Veterans. I feel like we are the “cool kids”, in this super cool club except we want all of our fellow Veterans to join us so that they have a place to call home too. From a business standpoint, it’s important that our community knows that our commitment to making the world a better place doesn’t stop when we get out. In fact, it’s the opposite.

We have so much to offer and are making such a huge impact. When I got out of the Army, although I’ve had a lot of success I struggled with the feeling that I didn’t quite belong anywhere, I was lonely and often felt like I was searching for a greater sense of purpose. The ViR has filled that void, and Bunker Brews gives us a chance to do that for other veterans.

Have any of the events sparked an idea that you’ve since pursued?
Bunker Brews gave me a chance to get my network involved with the Veteran community. One of the goals I’ve had is connecting our neighbor universities with Bunker Labs, which is something I’m actively pursuing and have accomplished. In fact, we will have a future Bunker Brews event at LMU, and I’m in the processes of getting USC’s Master of Business Veterans program involved as well.

How many Bunker Brews (or other Bunker Labs networking events) have you attended?
I’ve attended five Bunker Brews.

How would you describe your business and the stage it’s at?
Pre-seed. We just wrapped up our Beta at UCLA, and are moving into the next phase while fundraising.

We help bridge the communication gap between students and professors and create a safe, collaborative fun environment where students can engage with one another, the professor and course material.


Name of company: Saylo Classroom
Size of company: 4 people
Company industry: EdTech
Company headquarters: WeWork Constellation, Century City
Military experience: 6 years US Army Technical Escort